Coming home to this 

Yesterday I was so busy that I didn’t get around to doing my dishes . My kitchen was in a shamble and we ended up having dinner near 9pm. 

Dinner was crappy take away that tasted awful. Our favourite has changed owners and the new one sucks at roasting duck. Our duck was still pink on the inside. Suffice to say we won’t be back. We’ve given them a few chances to get it right and well they’ve been a continual disappointment.

I woke up with the realisation that I do love my new volunteering position. It’s a lot of problem solving and trying to find ways to better the processes to appeal to the vollies. 

The easier I can make it hopefully the more they will be willing to put their hands up for shifts.

Long shifts are splitted into two. Difficult shifts I do the legwork first . Shifts booked that looked shonky are ironed out before I email them out.

 If clients are unsteady I request a buggy. If there’s not enough time to get there I arrange for clients to come in earlier. I’m the go in between.

Next week I get to sit in for interviews. Last night I created my very first booking in the system by my little self. Have learnt to navigate around the database software that we use so am proud of myself. 

Guess I don’t miss work that much. I’ve got enough to occupy my brains. 

Weekend’s list:

Work on interview tips

Pre-reading materials 

Not sure if I should drive down to the hidey hole tonight to retrieve my baskets and put my laundry away. 

Just found out from the oldest she’s left the baskets in her room without even bother to unpack my linen into the cupboard 😩 I can’t trust her. She’s that unreliable 😩