I hate being late thus I’m early again.

Took the inside way to get to our headquarters.

Same column, on the other side.

And yes the walk way was closed . It was too early. This is the lower walk way one floor down from where I usually sit and connects Melbourne Central to the Emporium.

From the Emporium I can walk through either Myer or David Jones to get to the Bourke St Mall.

This morning I had to cross the road and from the Emporium walk up Little Bourke and cut through Chinatown to get to Bourke.

It’s cold and wet this morning. 

Moon festival must be coming. These looks bright and colourful. I wonder what they would taste like?

Must remember to detour back to buy some for my parents and us. Need to withdraw some money. This shop only accept cash.

Very untraditional flavours. 

Off I go to the office. The first interview is at 930am then another at 1015am. Then I’m free to go wandering. Since it’s wet and cold I might just go home. 

Need to buy groceries and cook dinner. My tummy is rebelling from all the crap I’ve been filling it with.

We had pizza again last night. This time we left them our plates.