It’s supposed to be nice and sunny today and I’m supposed to be down at the hidey hole.

It’s 748am and I’m home with a sore throat. This Winter has been relentless. I’ve been sick and gotten better then sick again then recover only to be down yet again.

Might still go later around 10am once the morning traffic has died down. Some sun and sand will do me good. 

I haven’t gotten around to the pre-reading as yet and just found out both of us are away interstate next week. I’ll have to bring my laptop to the seminar so I should be okie still to sort out the vollies. The coordinator said she won’t have internet at her mum’s place so hopefully I can still contact her on her smart phone.

How did we get by with no gadgets in the olden days? Guess these gadgets makes it possible to work remotely.

Today’s list:

Hidey hole

Bring stuff back 

Beach walkies