Yes I’m bloody stubborn and well it’s gotten the best of me. I give in.

Today was just awful. My head pounded. My chest tight. It’s gone to my chest.

That’s it. Tomorrow I’m off to the doctor to grab some antibiotics . Should have done it last week or the week before. It’s dragged out for months now. Can’t seem to get back to 100%. 

Don’t even want to go to Sydney on Wednesday. That’s how bad I feel and I love Sydney. I need to get better before then. Don’t want to give it to a theatre full of pharmacists . I might wipe out half of the population. Okie that was a major exaggeration. Still. 

I did well today. After popping in a multivitamin , two panadol osteo, two cold and flus and my Tim Tams my headache got better. 

Have caught up with work. Booked our longhaul  flights except for one internal set. Still debating whether to just plop myself in Khaolak and forget about the rest of the country or not. 

Added an extra flight for hubby. He’s to stop over in Bangkok BKK for two hours to wait for a flight for Phuket. It’s not too bad as he’ll still need to clear immigration and customs. If everything goes well he should land in Phuket at 605pm and come straight out.

We will fly straight in from Singapore and land in Phuket at 515pm. By the time we clear customs and immigration we should be out around the same time.

A friend of mine advised me to go to Khaolak and not Phuket.

So I’ve booked for us to spend 3 nights there at a luxury resort. I’ve splurged and booked us three King bed rooms with pool access 😍 The girls can share one bed.

They were on sale and well we never had a honeymoon. Plus we’ve always had the youngest sleeping with us. It will be a nice change. 

Our fourth night will be spent in Patong just to compare. Either that or I’ll ditch Patong altogether . There’s not much difference in time to get to the airport from either location. I thought Patong beach was on the way but it’s not. 

Then we will head north to Chiang Rai. Will spend a week there before heading back to Bangkok for our last 4 days.

Chiang Rai bit I haven’t made up my mind as yet. Was going to see if I can book a driver/guide to take us around. That way we don’t have to join any tours. It might be cheaper that way. 

At this rate I’m going to run out of money. Everything adds up when you have kids. The flights and rooms alone is what going to get us.

Fingers crossed the food will be cheap to make up for the other costs. 

I always feel stressed until it’s all planned. Going in high season you can’t chance it as everything tends to be booked out.