I hate leaving stuff to the last minute. I still haven’t packed for Sydney. Pre-reading and questions not done. Need to send off answers today before I leave early tomorrow as I have to print out a set of answers. 

Hubby fixed . He’s been awful. He thinks I’m going to be naughty in Sydney😩 thus he’s getting in his share first 😩

Have asked hubby to sort out the credit card so I can book stuff. We only have the minimum amount on the credit as a safeguard thus it’s a pain as always overdrawn.

Since I can’t book I’m brainstorming for activities to do in Singapore.

Volunteering sorted . They’ve invited me to government house again. 

We’ve won an award😍 It’s held at night during senior’s week and I’m one of the 10 invited😍

Today’s list:

Towels-forgot to wash them yesterday



Questions to answer and send back

Dinner? Something easy like stir fried

I’m off on an early flight tomorrow so it means I’ve got to be at the airport by 530am latest as security has been beefed up after that Sydney airport terrorist scare. 

Second day of antibiotics. Hopefully by the time I get to Sydney it would have kicked in. The joy of growing old.