Nearly. Only got my toothbrush to go in. As for my laptop need to find a gym bag to house it and my USB for the internet.

I’m travelling light. Two pieces of hand luggage. A roll along for clothes and my back pack. Back pack will have my laptop, first aid and my pre-reading.

On the way home I can check in one piece if I can’t be bothered lugging them. 

Towels washed. Bed made. Questions done.

I’ll do my pre-reading on the plane. Now to go grab groceries and cook dinner.

Don’t know why I was so stressed out about it all. I tend to get it all done in time. 

Art piece by our youngest daughter.

As for our son I think he’s colour blind. He can’t differentiate between colours that’s close together. 

He asked me what I needed in Box Hill yesterday so I told him. He bought not one but two bunches of bananas home. 

As for our oldest she phoned me before to ask for my approval for her 21st birthday venue. I said yes. Fingers crossed it’s not in the seedy part of town. Well it is, but closer to the Southern Cross Station end thus a bit better. Told her to put a deposit down.

We will chip in with her. She’s been saving up for it. Plus having it with her friend will split the costs in half. 

Can’t believe I’m a mum of two adult kids.