We say..I left him real early this morning. Left before 5am. I couldn’t sleep thus got up earlier than my alarm clock. Was up at 3am then 4am.

Usually he’d pop his two arms out and squeeze them a gesture for me to pop my boobs out.

This morning he pointed to his junior wanting me to look after it. I gave it a peck. He shook his head. I refused . I’m still sick and yet…

He didn’t want my boobs today. He’s sulking. The last thing he said to me was. Don’t let your pussy be f..too much.

He doesn’t trust me. I know that. Every time I go to Sydney just makes it worse. It’s like I can play.

Doesn’t he know I can play too in Melbourne? Most of my lovers are from Melbourne. Two lives within a few minutes drive from us.

Yet that doesn’t bother him. 

I only know two in Sydney . Jungle boy and Y. This time I haven’t gotten into contact with Y.
As for jungle boy he’s sick as well. So with both of us sick on antibiotics fat chance of anything happening. Plus he’s busy as. No time anyway.

From the car, just so I remember where I parked.

Breakkie, coffee was not the greatest . I’ll give it 6/10. Only drank half of it. Ate a piece of toast and most of the kransky. 

About to board. I got to the terminal two hours before my flight. Security was as usual. No hassles . Hardly any lines at the check in counter either. Could have slept in another half hour.