Did the unthinkable yesterday. Book a show for 730pm.

Usually I’m a chicken when travelling alone. I’m very conscious of safety. Although Sydney is quite safe you never know. It’s the opportunists that I’m worried about.

My dinner last night from a food court $9.50 and I couldn’t finish it.

Bought dessert to try. Only the jelly was good . The pineapple still in the fridge 😍

Tonight I’m going to try this place . It had a line of people waiting outside.

Watched My Fair Lady since I missed it in Melbourne. Plus hubby is not a culture buff . Ballet, theatre and classical music is not his thing.

What a delightful show. Ended up walking back to the hotel with no trouble. I just walked really, really fast 😂

The theatre was beautiful and so was the costumes and props.

I got premium seating. Luckily I did as didn’t have my glasses. Left them in my car parked at the airport. I’m going to struggle bad at the seminar. 

At 430am in the morning one can’t think too well.


Now where to go for breakfast ? Jungle boy has a meeting at 930am he can’t get out of😂

His message this morning:

Hope you slept okay. Am also in bed naked But this morning. Can you wash me please ?

He’s a big bloke. It will take all day to wash him down. I only stand up to his under arms 😂