Since it’s such a hype here I figured I’ll try it out.

Very soft and fluffy but an acquired taste šŸ˜© I didn’t love it or hate it. Just not something I’d eat again.

Udon for dinner as was still full from lunch. Melbourne’s udon is much better. 

I feel for the shops on the other side of the road. Some are going broke.

Most people walk this side as it’s quite shut off on the other side. I’m wiser tonight walking on this side. Last night didn’t feel very safe walking on the other side.

This is George St one of the main roads connecting the CBD from one end to the other. 

That’s George St there where the town hall and QVB is on. 

I walked today rather than taking the train. 

If it ever finish then it would be great. I can take myself on the tram or light rail they call it here to Coogee beach. No need for the bus.