The thing with travelling is trying to work out your next meal. I only opt for hotel food if I am lazy or can’t be bothered. Buffet breakfast is like $29.

Since I’m only 15 minutes walk to Surry Hills it’s a shame not to as Surry Hills has all kind of breakkie places. Just have to work out which one open on which day.

Some open only on weekdays, some 6 days a week and only a few on Sunday.

I did find a nice cafe this morning . Breakkie plus tip $20. Over here it’s not compulsory to tip. Was just emptying my change. 

Eggs on sour dough to have with my coffee.

Whilst sitting there I found another breakkie place for tomorrow.

Across the road from where I was eating.

Their menu looked not bad. Then I got talking to a Sydneysider and she recommended this place.

Four ate five.

Sunday they open 8:30am though so may be I’ll stick to Bills.

Look at this place? Found it on the way to my seminar.

Now I’ve got to research what to eat for dinner. Not hungry so may be some noodle soup would do.