Went walkies again for breakkie. Except this time I was nice and warm using the pedestrian walkway from my hotel through Central station to Surry Hills.

Baked eggs with chorizo and beans. It was yum though too much eggs. Couldn’t finish it. They make a mean cup of coffee. 

It turned out the owner is Nepalese and a chef. He showed me his stash of Nepalese chilli. The hottest one around apparently. He also found me an online chorizo supplier since I complimented him on his chorizos. 

My view from my window. Still a bit fresh this morning 
Inside the cafe. Tiny tiny place with a courtyard out the back.

Went walkies and found this place. What do you do when you don’t have a garden 😂 you use council land 😂

A church on the way to the seminar.