I was lining up to pay for my pineapple when I over heard her say she was from Phuket. 

Thus I made an effort to catch up with her in the street to say hello and ask her about Phuket.

In the end we spent the night walking through Chinatown. I kept her company so she can eat dinner and then we went walkies to Harbourside. 

Had ice cream and walked back. I think I’ve found a kindred spirit. We exchanged numbers and a hug.

Will see her in Phuket in January as she wants to show me her son and she wanted to meet my family.

May be I’ll ditch Chiang Mai for Phuket. I went in to book for flights the other day to find my visa was rejected. Guess it was meant to be. 

Trying to cut across to get to another noodle place . Found this place by accident when I overheard two young ones wanted to eat here. 

The noodle place wasn’t crash hot so I made my way back to eat here. Got lost and ended up on the other side of another mall to find the market was on.

Had to hold my skewers in between my legs  for the photo 😂 my favourite thing to eat at the market. 

Lots of food. $9.35 for 5 skewers . The line is always long here. They do a roaring trade. Took this whilst I was in line. 

After I found my way back to eat noodles 

$5 for this bowl. Thai size noodle. Not bad. 

It’s at the back of this bar.