Yesterday my alarm went off at 630am. I stayed in bed til near 7am. By the time I had a shower , packed and store my luggage it was 730am. 

Got to Bills at 745am, ate then went walkies to my seminar.

Left the seminar around 12:30pm caught train to Campsie.

The station looked well kept.

The trains in Sydney are all double deckers not like in Melbourne.

I had my bún riêu at the restaurant that the cafe owner recommended. I felt duped . No flavour what so ever. 

Got to the mall saw a bun place with people lining up so I bought one little one to try. Usually it would set me back $2.20 in Melbourne. It was only 80c. 

And how was it ? It was crap crap crap. I felt duped again. How can people eat that stuff? May be because it was cheap 😩
After that I gave up and hop on the train to go back into the CBD. It was around 2:36pm when I got back to Circular Quay.

I wanted to catch a ferry over to Manly to the beach as it was hot. Since I’d never make it to the 2:40pm fast ferry I decided to wait for the 3pm public one. 

On the ferry 

Made the wrong choice again 😩 See those clouds ? Thought I’d be defrosting on the ferry only to freeze again 😩

Got to Manly at 3:30pm and walked to the beach. 

It was freezing 😩

So I doubled back. Caught the fast ferry at 4:10pm. Got back to Sydney at 4:30pm. From the wharf I walked to the station and caught the train back to Central.

Had to go find the loo as something I ate didn’t agree with me 😩 Must be my lunch 😩

Then I headed straight to the restaurant. Got there around 5pm. 

Had to wait for a table then had to wait for my food to come out. I wanted noodle soup only to have sausages and sticky rice and Thai milk tea again. They didn’t serve noodles until dinner time 😩 and 5pm wasn’t dinner time 😩 My meal came out at 5:37pm . 

I had 10 minutes to eat and power walked back to the hotel.

Got to the hotel around 5:55pm. Retrieved my luggage and got the concierge to book a taxi for me.

Got to the airport at 6:30pm. Took me 15 minutes to check in. Five minutes to go through security. Then a few more minutes to go to the loo and walk to the gate for boarding. 

I got to the gate at 6:55pm we didn’t board til 7:12pm. I landed in Melbourne around 9:30pm. 

I got home around 10:30pm or a bit later well may be way later since I couldn’t find my car 😩 What a dud of a day. Nothing went right.