Okie so I lied but it was so he wouldn’t be sad. Well it didn’t come out too well did it? Should know better he can read me like a book.

I’m not very good at lying 😩 so it all came tumbling out. And of course he wanted what jungle boy had in Sydney 😩

Me this morning ? 

I feel like a zombie after two jig-a-jigs 😩

Not only that he told me it’s stretched😩

*Photos from the internet

Told him it’s all in his head as jungle boy is pretty much the same size as his 😩

Okie so I deserve it for being naughty 😩 

Breakfast before I tackle my list.

Today’s list:

Work: need to catch up

Laundry: last load , did 6 loads yesterday 

Volunteering: have caught up

Fridge: to clear 


Groceries and dinner 

Sort out itinerary and payments 

Go online to fill in my feedback so I can receive my certificate for my course.