I was researching for my Thailand trip and well it’s too late now for groceries.

My stash that I managed to dig out of my freezer, fridge and pantry.

A bag of peas and corn which I’ll defrost as part of the vegies.

A bag of carrots that will be blanched to stir fry with prawns and left over vegies from the other night. 

Rest will be blanched carrot sticks to dip in mayo.

My pork loaf will be diced and on the stove with some oil, fish sauce , sugar and pepper as a salty dish. 

Was going to make scrambled eggs and tomatoes but found my lucky last bag of prawns that was hidden behind my peas and corn 😂 so it will go back into the fridge for another meal.

Someone up there must be looking after me 😂

One thing about mystery boxes is it makes me more creative in extending our food. Plus it saves money. No groceries =no spending😂