One of the topic of the seminar was prioritisation.

Guess it’s more for the newbies. It was given in form of a case study. 

You’ve turned up to work and found out you’re relieving a ward with about 30 patients all of different degree of difficulties. 

1/ ward round at 8am

2/ 11am continued education talk for the nursing staff prepared by the usual pharmacist 

3/ team meeting at 3pm 

4/ you’ve got an intern that’s been on the ward for 3 weeks that you also have to supervise

The question was how would you go about sorting out your day? 

To have 30 new patients is a nightmare as when you’re doing a ward patients comes and go but it’s all under control as it’s only a handful of newbies each day.

I sat next to a pharmacist of similar age so we got through it pretty quick. 

Firstly we’d go to the ward round so we have a bit of an idea about the patients.

Then we’d go through the list of patients and their needs and categorised them as urgent, not too bad and easy.

The easy ones we’d delegate to the intern and we can meet up and spend time with them later on in the day to check on their progress 

The CE we’d give to the intern since they’ve got the morning to acquaint themself to the talk.

The ward meeting we’d give to the intern also so there’s a representative from pharmacy and they can report back to us. 

It’s pretty much our workload every day in a hospital pharmacist’s life. Always short staffed. 

I feel for the young ones as they don’t have the experience to prioritise or work quickly.