A bit frustrated with planning this holiday. Everything costs and not only that I have no idea what to do.

Hubby’s stubborn as, wanting to plop us in Phuket. I’ve read up so much about Phuket and I don’t know if I want to be there.

The beaches are dirty. Mass tourism. The water activities are unsafe 😩

Talking to the Thai girl she said base yourself in Bang Tao. Hire a car and go visit Khao Sok spear fishing, Phuket town,   Railay beach to rock climb and hire a charter boat to go see the islands. 

Or we can go on a tour from Sukhothai to Chiangmai but that’s like $1600 per head and extra airfares on top 😩 I’ve got 7 days free to do that
Well not really as I’d want to spend more days at the beach may be😩 and then I have to factor in the moving around bit.

The tour sounds not bad if I can get my lazy bugger kids on it. 

All I can think of is Thailand is not my ideal destination. 

Big head ache trying to coordinate stuff

Option 1:

Base half the time in Phuket

Base half the time Bangkok using it as a base to store our luggages and travel to Sukhothai for two days to explore and then back to Bangkok.

Still got to book flights to Sukhothai or go by train (5 hours) and bus (1 hour) one way flight the other. I think flight it is.

Option 2: 

Base all the time in Phuket and 4 days in Bangkok

Option 3:

Base 6 days in Phuket

6 days on that tour . I love this tour just a bit expensive 😩
4 days in Bangkok

So many decisions 😩 hubby is no help . He’s leaving it all to me 😩