Well nearly. Ran out of money again 😩 The only bit I haven’t booked is Bang Tao accommodation. I need 4 nights . All flights and other hotels are booked.

Feels less stressed now that the itinerary is done. I was so confused as where I wanted to be.

Hubby wanted one thing, I wanted another so this is a good compromise. I get my culture stuff in Sukhothai and he gets his beach.

Plus I have spied with my little eyes a nice little charter 


Itinerary that I’ve drummed up

Day 1-5 Singapore 

Day 6-12 Phuket split between Khao Lak and Bang Tao

Day 13 Bangkok so I can store my luggages

Day 14-16 Sukhothai Temple and Farming lessons for the kids and us. 


Day 17-20 Bangkok 

Day 21 Bangkok to Singapore 

Day 22 Land back in Melbourne