Mind. When I’m focused on something I kind of can’t let it go. It’s like Sukhothai. I wanted it and that’s it. I wanted Chiangmai too but then I wanted Sukhothai more. 

Hubby reckons it’s a bad trait. Now I’m up to the activities bit.

Apparently in Phuket there’s a taxi mafia 😂 so unless you find a rare metered taxi then they can charge you anything.

In the end I’ve found a mob that does airport drop offs and pick ups. It’s a tour group so fingers crossed more reliable and safer drivers.

With that sorted I’m less worried. Most tours will include transfers which leaves us with just if we want to explore Phuket by ourselves to hire a car for a day or two.

Still got to visit my new friend and her boy. 

I’ve also found out that on Mondays Bangkok is kind of dead in the food department as all the streets get a clean. Thus I’m researching restaurants at the moment. We will be in Bangkok for the two Mondays. 

My list of wants:

For the kids :

Rock climbing , ATV, Kayaking, rafting, elephant bathing, conservation, farming course, trekking. 

For me:

Cooking class, Sukhothai, Phuket town architecture. 

For hubby: 

Anything to do with water or boat. May be I’ll send him fishing 

For us: 

Boat charter

Instead of hotel, floating houses, tree houses, boat sleeps.

These are included in over night trips.

Hence I’m not too rushed booking those 4 nights in Bangtao as yet.

I want to include those in our itinerary as well. 

Looks like it’s going to be a full trip. Here is hoping we don’t need another trip to recover 😂

I’m tired from all the researching . It’s like wham bam thank you mam type of researching 😂 

I like to be organised. Everything must be in place and paid for before we go. That way we take minimum money with us for spending. 

Plus we don’t come back to a mountain of bills. By paying beforehand it makes us pay as we go. 

Activities will be flexible only the important ones are going to be booked. Like the boat charters or overnights so we can have somewhere to sleep. 

And then I think I’m done. Hubby will have to sort out his visa into Viet Nam.

I’ve got to go grab travel insurance for all of us and that’s it.

Now I can enjoy organising the trip.