My dad brought over moon cakes for us and even wrote my name on my one 😂 I only like plain cakes. My favourite is mungbean. This one got salted egg in it. Might have to give the egg to hubby. 

Hubby and the kids like combination. Me? I don’t care much for them. Why would you put Chinese sausage in a moon cake? There are 5 fillings in the cake. Sesame seeds, Chinese sausage , peanuts, water melon seeds? Not sure what else is in there and also salted egg. 

How they price it is the more salted egg there is in the cake the more expensive it is.

These cakes are made here in Australia.

Today was the most frustrating day ever. I spent most of the day on my phone and my laptop trying to sort out the vollies.

There was a shift that was moved forward and in turn I had to organise a volunteer and buggy for. The thing was I could have said no I can’t find anyone and the client will just have to stick to her original booked date. In the end it all turned out. Just took most of my day.

At first I was reluctant to say yes as I had shifts I needed filled on that day and well the companion service volunteer stationed at Flinders St is only for emergency.

If I can’t get anyone for that day I know I had a fall back. Where as if I had said yes then if no one puts their hand up for the two existing shifts then I’d be stuck.

Thus I only offered to contact the vollie after my existing shifts were picked up. I didn’t promise her as the vollie in question was on holidays and I wasn’t sure if they were back in the country as yet.

In the end I did good and it helped us too that the case manager know how hard it is for us to scrounge around for vollies. 

It means next time she book she might be more considerate towards us. Though I doubt it. We’ve had run ins with her before. 

She was very surprised that we didn’t have a companion service on the weekend. I did offer her an alternative that our buggy can meet the client on arrival and take them to the taxi ramp . Our buggy driver can give directions to the taxi. 

All she needed to do was get a taxi voucher from the hospital for the client and let me know the time for the buggy booking.

I felt good today I did good. I also felt frustrated and felt like what am I doing? I’m not getting paid for this crap and I could be outside in the warmth enjoying Spring.

What got me going was there’s only me today. My coordinator was having her ADO (accrued day off) so it’s up to me to sort it all out. Plus I’m off walkies tomorrow with ginger so it’s not too bad.

One good thing the kids ordered and went to grab dinner after I chucked a fit. Some days I feel like they just lie there on their mobile and wait til 730pm and pop their heads out and ask me what’s for dinner? 

I used that time to catch up on my dishes , clothes and marinated my belly pork for tomorrow’s dinner. We are having charsiu again. 

I’m looking forward to walkies tomorrow. Forecasted 28C (82.4F) 

Happy dinner is sort of organised. The hard bit was working out what to cook.