Tomorrow I’ve got a date. A date with a ginger. Guess he’s pretty much my first ginger😂 

*Photo from the internet. 

I knew if you’re a blonde up top that you’re a blonde under but my oh my it didn’t prepare me for the ginger.

We were in bed and when I saw I cracked up so bad. It’s ginger under as well 😂 The thing is because the ginger under has never seen the daylight it’s ginger ginger 😂

Anyhow ginger used to be my walkies buddy. We used to go on walks until he found his shiny fish. 

When I asked him what he was looking for in a woman he told me there are lots of fish in the sea but I want to find a shiny one. Someone like you. You’re a shiny fish.

Cut to the chase he’s now single again. So to cheer him up I’ve asked him to go walkies tomorrow morning.

Plus I want to go see his place again. He’s renovating and still figuring out his bathroom.

Now for the awkward bits. He’ll be trying to bed me and I’m not too keen. 

He texted me come around 10:30am just in case I want to sleep in. Meaning when I come he’s going to be in bed 😩