So I got drawing. 

How small is this bath? I love it.

First of all I’m not renovating. I’m helping Ginger with plans for his renovation.

His bathroom is roughly 2300mm by 2700mm with two sliders. One into his bedroom and one into his spare bedroom.

His dilemma is that he doesn’t need the bath but wants one anyway for resale value. 

He needs to keep the two sliders or else there’s no access from the spare bedroom.

He also want to leave the toilet where it is.

And of course he’s stuck. Hence this is where I come in. 

There’s a window above the bath. The wall only obscure part of the toilet.

The wall between the vanity and bath is removable.
I told Ginger whoever built his unit is a shocker of a planner. 

And yes the pink blob is me trying to take a photo 😂

My idea is to have a small bath for resale value but also give him a walk in shower.

The doorway from his bedroom need to move a bit to the left to fully obscure the WC. 

And yes I suck at drawing toilets so have left it as not drawn in 😂
So this is my rough drawing.

Remove that wall in between the bath and vanity to put in his walk in shower with rails at the end. 

Originally I wasn’t going to move the door way to the spare bedroom to save money hence the towel rail is drawn as is.

It’s just looks funny with the door way open into the middle of the shower so probably have to move it anyway. 

Because I’m moving the door way from his room marginally I’ve had to orientate the bath that way though worse comes to worse if there’s not enough width then the bath and vanity will have to be swapped around.

An alternative which I like much better.

I hate it when I can’t solve problems as it bugs me until I can 😂

I can’t believe I’ve solved it. It’s easier to visualise on paper.