Every Sunday we all go out to lunch as a family. Today the oldest wanted to go eat ramen at a new place. We all tagged along.

It’s not bad. Not sure about the hype. It’s about $14-15 a bowl with a sliver of pork. Then to have egg it’s $2 extra which I found surprising as other ramen places include the egg. 

So after we added extra bean shoots, cabbage and bamboo shoots to mine it came to $19 for my bowl. 

Hubby’s was $20 since I got him the combo. for an extra $5, 5 gyoza and 1 can of Calipo. 

I guess you pay for them to cook your ramen to your liking ie. soft, standard, hard noodles. Light, standard soup etc. 

I shared my vegies with hubby.

My black ramen, I could not taste the garlic at all. 

Happy to go back to the one in Box Hill. It’s cheaper and well I can taste the garlic in their ramen. Plus I’m not fussy I’ll take standard any day. 

As for what did we have for dinner last night? 

BBQ pork

Broccolini , fried garlic and sesame dressing.