Made myself print out the iPad quick guide last night. I think I finally got it.

There are two sessions in a day. Each session has 4 rounds . Each round has around 8 candidates. 

So first I need to go into the iPad and check it is the right session and choose my station. 

The first candidate get station 1 and the rest which ever station it is that I’m manning.

If I choose the wrong station I just have to reset. 

The round will stay the same until I change it. Each round will have an approximate starting time.

Each question will have an answer guide to help us with marking.

Once we mark the candidate their details will appear on the record page making it easier for us to keep track which station and which round we are up to.

It’s not too bad after all. Not sure why I was so stressed out for. Easy peasy.
I’m on the train on my way in. 530am start is crap. Forgot how crap it is.

Have since showered, breakfast done and even managed to do a quick email to my coordinator with an attachment of my progress. That way if need be she’s got the details to take over if any shifts come in today.

As for dinner who knows. I have nothing planned as yet. Hubby will be at work, the oldest at uni and the two younger ones will be at home on school holidays.