I need to go to bed early early tonight. I’m due in Parkville by 745am tomorrow for briefings.

Anyhow got a bit worried as they originally told us the morning shift finishes at 1230pm and the afternoon shift starts at 1pm. Which leaves me with half an hour for lunch.

Then a few days ago they sent me an email to say I needed to be there at 745am and 1245pm for briefing.

I was like what ? 15 minutes for lunch? And where am I going to grab lunch in 15 minutes?

Apparently there’s plenty of time for lunch and not only that lunch is provided. Thank goodness.

Now if only my brains would get how to use the ipad to mark each candidate. It’s confusing as. I still don’t get it. 

There’s like different questions for different candidates and there’s like rounds of 8 so if you choose the wrong round it spits out wrong questions 😩 and wrong candidates😩

They gave each of us an iPad to play with at the training session. That was back in August 😩 I was unwell that day so my brains wasn’t with it. 

Anyhow will read the brief again on the train tomorrow. It’s time to go to bed. 

I need to catch the 639 am train. It should get me there by 720am. Giving me a leeway of 25 minutes to find the briefing room. The train after that gets in just before and if it’s running late or cancelled then I’m stuffed. It means I need to leave home at 630am. 

Guess I’d better set my alarm clock for 530am then. It will give me an hour to have breakfast and get change before I head off.

I’m glad they only gave me 3 shifts. Full day tomorrow and another early on Wednesday.

Funny thing is I’m an interviewer and I’m worried as. Worried I might stuff up 😂