Call it a mum’s intuition. So my oldest have been dating. Beginning of this year she told me I’m not going to date anymore mum.

She was feeling down and not sure if love existed. I told her look you just haven’t found your lid😂

She’s had a few failed relationships and well she was over it. 

Even after all that she was very straight to the point. I know what I want mum and I’m not settling. Which was good to know.

She had a list of 10 requirements that I can’t  remember myself.

1/ intelligent

2/ funny

3/ ambitious

4/ tall 

5/ kind

6/ sporty

7/ a good person 




And ummmm I can’t remember the rest.

I think from the look of things Asian must be a new requirement as that’s all she brings home 😂

The other night she made us this ? She said it was for a friend. I asked her for who? When she told me I was like oh oh Hmmm you don’t make your friend lunch and it just happen to be a guy ? 😂

Then the next night she excused herself from dinner. She said she’s having dinner with the same “friend” and his parents.

Hmmm now this is scaring me. It’s serious. 

She hasn’t brought home a boy all year. Well she has but they are all friends. Ones that makes one appearance and that’s it😂

Tonight she came out and asked what we are doing on Saturday ? If we are going to be free during the day ?

Apparently the “friend” wanted to meet us. So we are having lunch with her and her “friend”

She told her dad tonight that you’ll like him. He’s nice. We told her no. It doesn’t matter if we hated him. You’ll have to live with him not us.

From the guys that she’s brought home I’m worried about her. They haven’t been too great. I hope for her sake she’s not attracted to losers. 

What I know so far: 

He’s a nice guy. He’s working and studying. He’s ambitious. He’s Laotian. He’s one of two kids and the younger one of the two. His dad is funny and his mum is like me a screaming crazy mum 😂

Looks like we potential inlaws might get along 😂

Here is hoping he’s tall as we really need to dilute out the short genes 😂