How cute is this? Melbourne Uni. Square.

I was half an hour early yesterday so I went wandering.

It’s like walking through a sea of white and purple.

And these

Forgot we are having dinner at his sister’s this Saturday. Since tomorrow is a public holiday I figured I might as well go into the city to buy the moon cakes

A vintage store art.

Our Flinders getting a facelift.

Our coppers. They were cuties 😂

Where ever there’s grog there’s trouble. 

Lots of people out and about. It’s grand final long weekend after all.

My moon cakes . Something different for my inlaws. They are green tea and black sesame . My favourite and low sugar 😂

Yes and naughty me is now stuffed to the brim. 

I think I over did it 😂 feels like an over stuffed sausage. 

Now need to go grab me some cream to make mango pudding for Sunday to bring over to my parents. 

Looks like it’s a cooking free weekend😍