Last night I rang him from bed. Baby it’s cuddle time. 

Hubby: it’s going to cost you 1.0

Me: Nope then don’t worry about it. 

H: Okie then I’ll give you a 0.2 discount. 

I hung up. 

He came in and showered and climbed into bed. 

H: You made me come in in the middle of a good movie so it’s 1.0

Me: I don’t want cuddles anymore. You’re too expensive. You charge me for everything.

H: It’s because I haven’t got any credit left. Okie 0.5 then? 

Me: Nope. I’m going to sleep

H: 0.2?

Me: Okie 

H:You drive a hard bargain

Me: Starts humping his leg

H: That’s going to cost you. 

Me: You can’t charge for cuddles and humping. It’s an all in one.

H: Okie. It’s free😂

Result I got lots of cuddles and humping and he’s only up to 0.7 😂