He’s asking me to respect his uncle’s new wife. Hubby is all about hierarchy. In Viet Nam the hierarchy system is still alive and well if last night was anything to go by. Not only that he’s brought it back here.

There’s no you and me in the Viet language. You address your elders as appropriate. 

Anh chị =older brother, sister

Cô chú =aunty and uncle younger than your parents

Bác =aunty and uncle older than your parents

Ông bà =grandpa, grandma.

I was telling him about what his sisters talked about and all of the sudden he went angry at me.
He told me I shouldn’t call his uncle’s new wife  “con” .

Con is a term used for anyone younger or a prefix for an animal or to show that you have no respect for that person. 

Con= kids

Con chó= a dog

Con đĩ = a whore 

So what if I called her “con” ? She’s younger than me. Because she’s married to his uncle I should show respect? What a load of bull crap. This is why I don’t give a damn. 

She’s younger than me. He’s as old as my dad. 

Hubby should know me better . I have nothing against people marrying for love. If he loves her and she loves him then they can marry and live happily ever after for all I care. 

I do have a thing about people marrying for convenience. She’s only with him because he’s PR in the States . He’s her ticket to the US and well in my books that’s not on. So we had a huge argument in the car. 

Told him may be he should have married someone subservient like his sisters. 

He replied you know how I feel about dumb blacks. He meant dumb Asians. 

I should remind him by saying that he’s actually disrespecting his sisters 😂