I was too slow on Saturday.

Today walking through the interchange. The lane wasn’t big enough to take from the other angle.

A display just outside the station.

I decided to catch the 534pm train to Box Hill to go grab take away for dinner. I got to the station quite early. Waited and waited to hear the announcement that’s there had been trespassers at the station before Box Hill thus the trains are 10 minutes delayed.

Waited and waited and still no train so I decided to walk. Murphy’s law as usual only gone about 100m I saw the trains zooming past.

Got to the level crossing to find it was down so I waited and waited and waited thinking okie may be they let five trains through or something and they go back up? 

After about a dozen trains I detoured. Got to Whitehorse Rd and lazy me didn’t want to cross the road as it would mean I had to back track plus the restaurant was on the same side of the road that I am on 😩

Little did I realise that by not crossing the road I had no access to the tram stops 😩

So what did Miss V do? She ended up walking all the way to Box Hill😩

When I got to the station to go home I saw the screen had the train delayed for 26 minutes. I was like oh well and went through the barrier to the platform only to hear the train was still at Boronia thus very delayed.

What am I to do? but ring home to get the oldest to come pick me up.

Tried to get to the meeting place only to find it was blocked off for construction thus had to back track.

In the end I didn’t get home til near 730pm. Only to find out my son had tutoring at 730pm.

What an afternoon. Talk about the domino effect. One good thing just this afternoon alone.