FB is good for something. It let me know that today one year ago I handed in my job application. 
So do I buck the trend this year? Hubby asked me at dinner time if I was still applying. I told him no. 

I know by not applying, my job seeking opportunities will diminish with time. It’s to do with being away from hospital work for too long.

I also know I’m getting too old for crap. I still want to do that course next year. Plus hubby still need a year part-time placement to get his Medicare provider number to practise as a diabetes educator. Which means next year we are stuffed again.

There’s still the beach house to fix up. The council permit to attain for the rental. There’s two doors sitting in our hallway to stain and install so that our toilet is soundproofed.

Next week is going to be busy for me. I’ve got our son’s birthday , that morning tea at Government house, an afternoon at Box Hill station manning our table and another afternoon strategic planning. It means next week I have volunteering stuff on for most of the week as they all fall on different days.
The week after I’ve got the vollies AGM which I’ve offered to be the photographer. It will be fun to be able to take my camera out. Then my oldest’s 21st is creeping up. It’s crazy. 

To think we are already in October. What did I achieve in the last 8 months staying at home? Not much 😩

May be that’s why I wanted to go back to work to be able to account for my days.