What did I get up to in the last 8 months? I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. And there goes the endless cycles of self doubts and wanting to account for the time lost.
The thing is was it a waste? May be? may be not.

I spent the first week attending a patisserie course. 

Learnt how to make this and this

The month later played tour guide to my parents’ guests. 

Then I was given the job of managing the rental. Thus I was back and fro with the realestate agent. 
Two months in our beach house got water damage from the ANZACS day storm. And well who else but little Miss V had to drive down there to get quotes for the insurers. 

I also took this time to experiment with recipes.

Did projects around the house. Got to play interior decorating.

Set up my mum’s earrings to sell. 

In June/July I got my varicose veins done. It’s been on my things to do list for probably a decade yet only got it done just recently. 
Spent two days with my friend reacquainting her with Melbourne since she’s been away in Japan for 15 years then moved back here but to Darwin then now in Rockhampton.

This Winter I didn’t get much done except play host to our Japanese student for two weeks as I was sick through out.

And of course a new role with the vollies in August. 
Spent the last month planning our holidays. 

I also volunteered with the University to interview potential students. 

Got my recipe folder sorted for the kids. 

The time off also meant I blogged heaps. 

Guess when I listed it all out I did manage to get a lot done. Some of it just chores and some of it fun. 

This year have made me realise nope I’m not cut out to own a cafe, a lifelong dream but may be I’m more suited as a tour guide. Thus that’s why I’m doing that course next year. 

Now how to maintain the pace will be a challenge.