We are going away for 3 weeks in January. I usually pack enough undies for the three weeks 😂 I’m not a fan of washing whilst on holidays. 

Well may be swimmers but that’s it. The thing is we might need to do laundry since it’s going to be hot and sweaty. 

Don’t think we will survive 21 days without washing our clothes. 


This scrubba bag looks good though not sure about the price. 

May be by sink would be the best way. Only really need to buy a plug and a pair of gloves. Either that or use a sock rolled up tightly and placed in a plastic bag as a plug 😂

I always bring my little travel iron and the hotel usually have a hair dryer. I guess may be on this trip we will have to wash. 

Either that or buy disposable undies 😂

One good thing about this trip is that it’s to two hot countries which means I might get away with packing 21 tops and 21 pair of undies. May be.