I hope I heard her right. 4 of these coconut juice and 3 cups of water to one of the coconut agar mix. Since the juice has sugar in it there’s no added sugar. The jelly needs to be light and just set not hard like the usual agar desserts.

I’m assuming that it’s this packet as I can’t find any other jelly mix that’s coconut flavoured.

So then it’s a case of dissolving the agar in the juice . Cutting the young coconut pieces to decorate.

Fingers crossed. Been meaning to but haven’t gotten around to it so the juices has been stashed in my freezer.

They are not clear like they are supposed to be 😩

Next experiment I’m going to use this to same amount of liquid as above.

Let see which one turns out. I have a feeling it might be the second packet 😊

These Asian cooks they only tell you half . They don’t ever indulge the whole recipe lol. I should have known better 😊

The second lot looks much better.


First batch didn’t set at all.

Second batch set but still too firm for my liking. It probably needed another 10-20% of liquid added to it and it should be good to go. Since I need to dilute it I’ll have to add more sugar to it.

Loved this konjac jelly powder. It seems the more liquid you add to it the softer the jelly yet it still sets.

As for the dud my oldest came home at 1030pm and told me I should reset it. She offered to do it for me.

After adding a packet of Nutrijell to it she saved it. It’s actually quite nice when it sets.