Spring has sprung. Melbourne is glorious. Today is going to be another warm day. It’s only 830am and the sun is out.

My body is still trying to adjust. Didn’t go to bed til after 12am and by 645am I was up.

The oldest has gone to uni or wherever that she goes . The rest is still in bed.

I’m experimenting . Learnt how to fold a heart this morning. Google is the best 😍

Now off to shower and groceries shop. 


Have decided we are having fish cakes for dinner. Went through my recipe folder last night and ummmm I’m craving these. I don’t tend to remember my own recipes as they are all printed out and it’s easy as to take a photo and go shopping. 

I’m hoping to head into the city today to go wandering. 

My walking buddy is back from his Canada sojourn.

Kind of missed him and our chats. And our fiddling around and hand holding. 

May be when it’s warm I’ll go wandering sans undies. It should make him hard 😂 

I’ve noticed his penchant for tight pants. And I love making him hard and wanting. It is quite obvious when he’s turned on. So the poor guy walks around with his water bottle covering his crotch 😂

Okie okie I’m bad . I love to tease 😂