Okie so I’ve had many men and since their identity must stay private I’ve made up nick names for them.

There was braces, he was a young one and a mummy’s boy. What do you expect for a Greek?

Then there’s the Italian stallion which I still have his jocks somewhere in my lingerie drawer. Note to self need to send it back to him or deliver it to him personally 😂

A Swede that played soccer for Sweden. He’s cute as. Ring on his thumb. No hair and a nice smile.

Mr Sparkie who loved going barefoot and he had no trouble changing light bulbs. He’s that tall that he sleeps with his knees drawn up just to fit on his bed.

And then there was Mr Guinea Pig. He loved them so much he sent me videos of them.

The German who had a penchant for anal. I’ve still got his platter since his instructions to me was I can have it. Returning it means I want sex with him. He’s a very good dessert chef . In one afternoon he taught me how to make apple strudel and I had a taste of his banana and chocolate cake.

Then there was the truckie who was too dominant for my liking. I had to block him as he keeps on asking to meet. 

An IT geek that was very cute. We met at a park one night just to fiddle and have ice cream. Let just say he was a great kisser but nothing happened 😂 

And then there was the copper. Young cute and naughty. We fogged up the windows of my car at a park.

The ATM guy that I took for a walk. He was having trouble with his relationship so I left it at that. Didn’t want to get involved.

And Mr big. He had photos on his profile that must have been from years ago. I took him walkies and well all through the walk I was worried he’d carked it on me with a heart attack or something. By the end of it I hugged him and bid farewell. Don’t think I wanted 300lbs of him bouncing on me.

Mr Gummy, a luxury car salesman. He was all gum.   Last time I chatted was when he asked for a FB friend request . I declined. He’s since divorced and found an Asian partner and procreated a Jnr 😂 

As far as car salesmen goes there’s one that I had coffee with. He even offered me a job to be his assistant 😂 coffee girl 😂 more like bending over girl. Since my phone died I don’t have his contact anymore 😂

My memory kind of suck. Will continue another day.