I’ve figured out why my eggs were salty this morning. Apparently everything I ate today tasted saltier than usual.

I ate two mandarins and both of them were salty.

My tastebuds are on strike😩

Ginger has been asking me how my week has been going. I think he wants some company or getting lonesome.

His shiny fish will be coming to Melbourne next weekend so he’s all over the place.

Have advised him to welcome her back and well try and make it work. With his job he has the capacity to move to Sydney. From what I can gather he can easily commute to his work from her place.

Guess it’s a case of starting over again that’s scaring him. Plus they both still have feelings for each other so I don’t see the problem.

Their problem at the moment is one lives in Melbourne and one lives in Sydney.

Shes moved for him so I think it’s high time he moves for her.

Knowing Ginger he can be a bit self absorbed and selfish.

Told him he owes me dinner if it works out 😂

May be I should have been a counsellor 😂