Received an email today to tell me I need to pay for my rego. Every year they send it and every year I leave it to the last minute.

It’s not a simple here is my money take it and it’s done.

It’s pages of questions long asking you how long you’ve practised as a professional drug dealer. How many more are you thinking of being in the profession?

Then it asks you have you been doing anything naughty? Has there been any complaints? Any court cases?

After all the crap it lets you pay. The drama doesn’t finish there. It’s then an anxious wait afterwards to see if you’re going to get audited or not.

They must do it randomly or something . Or to meet quota? If it’s the second scenario then I’m safe. I always hand mine in at the last minute.

The audit is mostly to do with our continuing professional education. Since it’s compulsory to have 40 points each year. People tends to let it lapse and when they get audit that’s when they start doing it.

Mine is all in order. I’ve got about 50-60 points. Still it’s a hassle if audited. You’ve got to send it in etc.