My son popped his head in to tell me I can have half of his chicken. He’s gone to Red Rooster and came home with a Tropicana pack and a half a chicken pack.

The Tropicana pack had 1/4 of a chicken, chips, two pineapple fritters and a drink. The half a chicken pack just had the chicken and chips.

I knew he would be hungry so I only took the wing off his chicken and some chips. His sister came out and whinged about why didn’t he ask for a thigh piece for her?

He was like here take mine. So he ended up with both breast pieces minus the wing that I ate.

After his sister took his thigh piece she must have felt guilty as I saw her give him one of her pineapple fritters.

Out of all of my kids he’s the nicest one. He always thinks of others before himself. The girls are a bit more selfish.