Everyone says Melbourne is expensive to live in. Well it depends on how you live really.

Milk : $2 for 2L

Bread: $3.90 for a loaf (Bakers Delight) $2 homebrand at a supermarket.

Chicken wings: $4/kg

Pork mince: $7/kg

Steaks: Scotch $32/kg

Salmon: $42/kg

Broccoli: $2-3/kg Broccolini : $3/bunch

Apples $4-5/kg

Petrol: Unleaded $1.15 per litre to $1.40 when it goes up. I fuel up when it’s cheap.

Public transport: Myki costs $8.20 full fare for the day. It covers train, tram and bus. Cheaper if you buy monthly or yearly.

Coffees: $3.70-$4.20

Eating out:

Depends on where you eat and there’s still cheap places out there if you look hard enough😊

I know I can get a $10 Bento box with water being given complimentary.

A bowl of boat noodle for $10.

A bowl of udon and tempura for less than $10. Around $8-9.

Breakfast just outside Melb Central station for $10 . This includes a small coffee and a breakfast burrito (egg, bacon, cheese)

In the food court at Southern Cross station they sell breakfast muffins for $5.

I bought a slice of pizza near Flinders the other day for $2.

Walking through Centre place or was it Degraves ? I saw sandwiches/wraps for $5-$7.

On Sundays we go to BBQ booths at hardware stores for $2.50 sausage and onion in bread.

The trick is to go where the students or back packers congregate. Since they don’t have much money the eateries there tends to be a bit cheaper to cater for them.

Also it’s cheaper to eat as two people . I know I can get a meal for $15 and it’s big enough to share in between two. It includes rice, salad and a whole fish.Plus a complimentary bowl of broth.

Frozen yoghurt is quite expensive as they weigh them. A bowl of yoghurt can be $6-7 nearly as much as a meal.

Ice cream costs $5.50 for a single.

Water bottle $3.50-$4 a bottle of 600ml. Supermarket bulk buy 30c to 50c. When I’m in the city I go to the supermarket to grab a bottle. It’s $1/bottle homebrand. Most time I bring them from home.

When we order burgers we split into twos . $16/burger with the lot.

A souvlaki costs around $12-14.

Korean take away that we have is around $80 for the 5 of us.

Hot pots $32/pp all you can eat.

Peking duck costs $110 for two ducks and that’s for the family. Plus drinks on top. Usually special occasions.

I know we eat out a lot but we don’t drink so I guess it evens out.

You can live quite okie if you don’t frequent restaurants that slug $30-40 for mains not including sides. Then drinks on top extra.

One thing about Australia we don’t usually tip. We only tip to get rid of spare change or if the service is exceptional .

The other thing is our minimum wage is higher than the US sitting at $18.29/ph.