Nope this is not about two bodies tangled together though that did come to mind.

It’s how we tangle ourselves up unecessarily. Most of the time for nothing.

Today I had a call to please ring the client as they were anxious etc etc. I had to put my foot down and said look I’m heading out I’ll do it this afternoon. The booking isn’t til next Thursday. Most time I don’t contact the client until 2-3 days before the shift. 

Reason being is if I do it too early they’d forget 😂. My clients are mostly in the 70-90 years old category. 

If they have a mobile number I tend to leave SMS for them so they’d remember all of my instructions . If they don’t acknowledge the message then I would ring them just to make sure they’d receive the SMS.

Rang the client just then to find the doctors’ office has advised her to catch a train to the nearest station and walk 10 minutes.

I was like I wonder if they’ve done that walk ? Before recommending it to their clients. 

It’s 10 minutes slog up the damn hill. If you’re healthy and a marathon runner or something then go and do it. 

When you’re accompanying a 70-80 years old that can’t walk that good then don’t ever ever mention walking up hill. Damn it, it drives me nannas these do gooders. 

For one we don’t ever do uphill. For two we don’t meet at obscure stations as all of our support is at Southern Cross or at Flinders. 

In the end I had to sit there and explain it to them that no, we go the longer route as it’s down hill and even then we still have plenty of time. 
I’m glad I’m not taking them as I’d be pulling my hair out. Guess I don’t have much patience after all.