The sun is out. Well kind of.

My steal from yesterday. They had a goodie bag that they gave out. My son and daughter did these 😂

Not sure where these came from? Looks like either from our staff or client. They tend to bring us goodies.

Our award that we won the other day 😊

I’m dawdling bad. It’s now after 10am and I still am not showered or dressed. Been battling with the pile of socks all morning. Looks like the sock monster ate quite a few.

Aiming to be in the city by 1130am to grab some early lunch. Then off to pick up my client at 1230pm.

Was hoping to drop them off and head to a meeting. It turned out to be a return trip not a single trip. It meant that I had to send my apologies to the meeting.

Our staff and volunteers have been really busy with seniors’ week at the stations thus bookings have just been a mess. 

Fingers crossed we can upgrade our booth soon to accommodate another person to help out. The crazier it gets the crazier the bookings get. I don’t blame them it just makes my job that much harder. 

If I’m not vigilant our service appears unprofessional and I waste our vollies’ time as well.