I am a hoarder 😂 I hoard silly stuff like this. This little poem is from JD. He’s a sweet guy. A photographer. A romantic. 

Thinking to myself, sugar is sweet, V certainly looks sweeter.
Thinking to myself , baboons are cheeky, JD is certainly cheekier

The smell of your hair, made me feel momentarily, like a Bear.

The naughtiness in your smile, hinted there is more to V, than what I could see.
The naughtiness in your smile, hinted danger, beware 

strength in your stare, made me aware, of that feeling inside of having your body near mine.

The strength in your stare made me worried oh dear JD what’s wrong with just friendship? 

I wanted to kiss your cute lips and caress your hair.

I wanted to touch your sweet rosy cheeks.
I wanted to breath behind your ears until you felt sweet little tingles.
So what can I say?
So what can I say ? JD ?

I can only offer you friendship nothing more nothing less 🙂

I say V, hold me tight, and let me keep you warm all through the night 🙂