Today I was in a happy place. I figured out why my taste buds went funny on me. It must be because I was congested so I had post nasal drip either that or the antihistamine and decongestant drying them out.

So the last two days I put up with my runny nose and eyes and did away with my antihistamine. Been taking Zyrtec or Cetirizine as Loratadine didn’t seem to work.

And guess what? Today I had no salty taste at all. I had some of my daughter’s chips at lunch and they tasted normal. Made me so happy😍

Last week or so my food just tasted off. Everything was salty. I didn’t dare have anything salty at all like junk food 😩

Breakfast was toast and jam or honey as that’s the only thing that tasted the same. I could still taste sweet just not salty. If something was salty it tasted twice as salty. It was like eating salt laden food. Yuck. 

I was about to pack myself up and go to the doctor to see what’s wrong with me. I’ve never had anything like this before and it scared me. Doctor Google wasn’t much help either. 

In the end common sense prevailed. I just eliminated the likely cause and whola it worked. If it didn’t I’d have blamed it on menopause 😂 bloody hormones 😂