For a long while I had trouble with my identity. 

Here I was married and a mum to three. Who the heck was I?

I didn’t have an identity. It was then that I decided to go back to work. I wanted an identity apart from being a mum and wife. 

At work I was V. I worked and in working I found me. 

Last year was hard. When I decided to give up work I felt I was slipping into an identity crisis again. 
Yes I still had the business but it’s not the same . I wanted out. I didn’t want to be seen as his wife. Most of our clients see me as such . 

Even our realestate agents. They see me as his wife. They don’t see me as a professional. I don’t even bother to correct them. 

Yet it eats into me . Who am I? In Viet culture once you are married hardly anyone refers to you by name.

So if your husband’s name is Kim then you’re referred to as Bà Kim or Mrs Kim to show you’re his wife. 

In my parents’ generation that’s how they address each other. No one ever call the wife by any other name. She was simply Mrs Kim, Mrs Hung etc.

Today it occurred to me I have got an identity. I’m V. I blog. I volunteer . I go on walkies. I cook. I take photos and the list goes on.

My purpose in life? I don’t know ? Procreate three kids and bring them up to be good citizens? Or is it to lighten other’s load?  

My mum told my kids once that I am an angel because I was born around Christmas time. May be I am. An angel in disguise. Now where did that halo disappear to? 😈