Not sure what is on this morning . Am never sure when Jim is around. He’s like a tornado that just zooms around from one place to another.

He made it to Melbourne last night. He sent me a photo of him and his female friend having wines.

Today I’m supposed to meet up with him. This morning some time. Yes with no time given 😂

I’m used to it. With Jim it’s like that. It’s our time together . Since I can’t sneak out at night we meet during the day.

He knows I’ve got my monthly so no doubt it’s just coffee and chat. Hugs and kisses and fondles.

He’s one of my favourites. More like a buddy than a lover. Come to think of it we haven’t done it for years 😂 We just like to catch up to chat more than anything. We’ve got history.

I do like him. I like his body too. So lean. He works hard thus he’s all muscles and no fat anywhere. His hair so fine and soft.

I’ve written about Jim before. He’s the handy man with long hair. Hands calloused from hard work.

He also has a penchant for swingers clubbing 😂