We decided that Chaddie it is. He was there eating breakfast and he had to go shopping.

I got there and he was like stay where you are and I’ll come grab you. I was like does he even know where I am ? Chaddie is the biggest shopping centre in Victoria or rather Australia and Jim being a country boy and all 😂

As soon as I took the photo I heard a holla from upstairs. There he was looking down eyes twinkling.

We ended sitting down having a coffee together and chatting. Then I walked him back to his ute to check it out since he’s just bought it. Well a year ago but last time we met was at the beach and I saw him not his ute.

We fiddled around and the naughty thing undid my bras. He wanted a fondle and a suck. Afterwards he couldn’t hook it back on so I walked back into the centre with no bras.

In the end went to the loo to put it back on. Bought two pairs of jeans for my son. Bought lunch for the family and left.

Not sure when we will meet next. May be on one of the nights the clubs are opened. I can always say I’m off to the hidey hole and meet up with him.

Naughty James