Okie I’ve been just a little naughty. I went into POF and well they transferred me over to AM. 

My goodness me the amount of winks I’m getting. It’s like being pounced on. They can’t see what I look like and yet oh my.

It must be that magic word “Asian” or the fact that I’m “new meat”? 

I’m like what the? One guy I wrote back saying I’m not interested and he wasn’t very nice 😩

I’m pretty much over it already . Don’t you know I’m in Australia ? I’m not from the States or the BC, Canada.

There was a few interstate as well. It’s like how the hell are we going to meet? 😂

All well, all fun and games. Let see how long it holds my attention. The quality of men is ummmm not too bad. One or two have caught my eyes the rest can kind of go😂

It’s the physical attraction that does it first then the rest comes . If there’s no attraction then I don’t bother with the rest 😊

One guy sent me his 8 inches. He told me don’t knock it before you try it 😂 The thing is mine likes 6 inches. A 7 inches kind of hurt . Where the hell am I going to shove that 8 inches 😂 

Plus guys that advertise about their 8-9 inches from experience are mostly wankers boring as😂

I’d better get focussed and off to work I go. All this naughtiness has made me behind at work 😩

Have a good one everyone Miss V better be good or else Santa is not going to bring her her 6 inches 😂