And I’m bored stiff. Okie if you want to make an impression write something on your profile. A photo would be nice too. 

A good sense of humour never go astray. Really feel it for people starting again. I feel your pain. The quality of men out there is pretty crap.

I’m pretty picky who I meet up with and well it’s terrible. You have the big dicks that thinks they are the God of pleasure. Then you have the mediocres. 

A few cheeky ones that have followed me over to Kik. They figured out I used same nick handle and thus found me through no effort at all. Got to give it to them for being cluey. Guess I’m not too good at hiding.

Then there are those that plead their cases after I’ve rejected them. Oh man. So then I had to write back and say why. 
I told him not sure about the tall bit or the dark bit. Dinners are an absolute no no as not allowed out at night and well by him putting a notice to the scammers on his profile kind of offended me. Not all of us are scammers and well we all know they are there. Use your intelligence to weed them out for goodness sake. 

Only had one outstanding one. Let see if he’s any good. At least he can spell and okie looking. 

Supposed to have coffee with the big dick today but I’m not sure I should cancel. He’s boring as. Have done the deed. 

Now he’s pleading his case. What the??

So what I’m left with ? A coffee date for Friday. Will go have coffee then off to the market to grab groceries for dinner😂 kill two birds with one stone.