How it works. 

It’s free to join or sign up but then they start charging.

You need to pay for credits and the more credits you buy the cheaper it gets.

Apparently it costs 5 credits for you to open a message . 10 to initiate a message.
Thus the trick is if you know someone’s emailed you you’d just email them back and not read the message. That way it’s only 10 credits.

The cheekier guys have it figured out and put their Kik handle on their profile . That way the girls can gain access with no worries.

Winks are to show you like someone’s profile.

If you don’t like them you can wink them back and say nope or like I’ve found out just swipe to the left and delete. Much easier.

The ugly bit of AM is that the guys think they generate fake profiles to lure them in. Thus 50 profiles of girls only about 10 are real.

The other bit is the addictive nature of it. Guys think they just buy credits and it allows them more chances with lots of girls.

Before they know it all their money is gone and no girls to show for. The likelihood of finding someone real is minute. 10 credits is like $3 per interaction. It adds up after awhile.

As for me my account is free. I’m not buying credits which means I can’t send messages to people. I can only reply 😂

Why do the chasing when there’s plenty to chase you? 😂